Getting Started

Welcome to GetFinancing’s documentation

Any good integration consists in two parts. The first part is the checkout/order integration or the functional part. The second is the marketing/visual aspects of the integration, used to promote appropiately the financing options of your site.

To allow your customers to pay with GetFinancing you can use any of the following ways:

  • Using a Shopping cart guide or module: we have modules for some popular shopping carts and step by step guides for other shopping platforms. This is the easiest method to get started if your platform is on the list.
  • Back-end API Integration: For deeper control, for further customizations of our plugins or if your shopping platform is not yet on our list, you can use our own API and callbacks. This allows a deep integration with your order tracking system and to be integrated in the checkout process of your store, just as any other payment method.
  • Link Merchant Integration: using only HTML. This integration is recommended only for those merchants who are brick and mortar, using an ecommerce platform that doesn’t allow to modify the code, those which don’t have a shopping cart software or want to get started with the quickest possible way, even if not providing the best customer experience. It consists in adding a simple link, to your website.

To promote your new financing option and to help increase the conversions on your site read the following:

  • Best Practices: Guidelines on the different visual parts that a good integration should have.
  • Integration Items: We provide some widgets, banners and buttons, to add to your site promoting the different plans your customers have available on your website.

To get started, you should log in to the Getfinancing Portal and go through the wizard to set up your lenders, loan programs, and integration type.