Tools to improve conversion

These are some ready to use items, including dynamic widgets, custom pages and images of all sizes that will help your consumers to be aware that financing is available and to be able to help you convert more.

Notice you will need to login into your account as some elements are present inside your account only, and some others will require your token ID to be customized for your site specifically.

Monthly Payment Estimator

Inside your portal account, under “Integration” you will find a ready to use, copy & paste tool that will add the monthly price of each item on the page, based on the customer’s FICO score and your current active lenders. This tool is designed to fit well in your website and to allow your customers to buy more by showing their maximum purchase power according to their FICO score, and to know how much they will have to pay every month. This will increase your conversions.

Example using Monthly Payment Estimator

This is how it looks like in the normal state on a participant merchant:


And this is if the consumer clicks on the monthly price:


This tool tries to be minimalistic (it will not display if a price cannot be financed), easily configurable and functional. We recommend adding this tool to all the pages with prices (category listings, the product page and at the checkout) so users can get an idea of their budget for monthly prices in each step.

Sample code for the monthly payment estimator

Installing the monthly payment estimator is very easy, and it might be as simple as changing the css selector of where to find the price on your page. It can be customized to change the text, the color and different aspects, but in most cases customizing 1 line will be enough. Check inside your account to find your code.

Custom Program Page

Login to your portal account and you will be able to access to your custom landing page, under the Integration section. This page explain the current programs you have enabled to your consumers. It is completely customized for your usage and helps consumers know before they apply if they will be able to GetFinancing for their purchase.

This page has several features:

  • It is specific to your merchant, with the name of your site in several places on the page
  • Contains tools to quickly estimate the consumer’s maximum approval, depending on your active programs and their FICO
  • Allows them to simulate their best monthly payment, without actually going inside the process.
  • Contains basic information on how to apply for Financing.
  • And contains the Frequently Asked Questions consumers may have.

Example of custom program page


This page should be used to inform your consumers about our partnership.

Small images (Buttons)

We provide some buttons that will help to tell your consumers financing is available before they went to the checkout. These buttons should link to your custom landing page describing your financing program or to your own self-hosted page that talks about our program.

If you want to use an image for the checkout, please check our section below of checkout images.

Buttons available

These are some of the buttons we currently have. If you are missing a particular size, make sure to check our SVG images and webfonts below, these will adapt to any size.

Black & White Buttons (for darker sites)

Use the following buttons if you need to fit the buttons in a dark themed website. Notice for this cases the recommended method is using a webfont, as described below on this page.

Sample code for buttons

You can use this HTML template to link to your landing page, replacing [Your token ID] and [Button_Filename] for your merchant ID and button filename of your choice.

<a href="[Your token ID]/landing ">
    <img src="[Button_Filename].png" />

For instance if you want to use the button btn_getfinancing_200x36_a.png and your merchand token is: bWVyY2hhbnRkZXRhaWwtdGVzdC1nZi1nZXRmaW5hbmNpbmcuY29t , this would be your code:

<a href="">
    <img src="" />

Bigger images (Banners)

Banners are a good option if you have more space, you have a slider with other existing promotions, or you have a page dedicated to our programs in your side. We also recommend using one middle size banner on your homepage, or on the product page so consumers can see that financing is available.

Example of banner on a participant merchant


Squared Banners

Horizontal Banners

Vertical Banners

Sample code for Banners

You can use these images to link to your landing page or your internal page describing our partnership, replacing [Your Merchant ID] and [Banner_Filename] for your merchant ID and banner filename of your choice.

<a href="[Your token ID]/landing ">
    <img src="[Banner_Filename].jpg" />

For instance if you want to use the banner getfinancing_120x600_0interest_12months.jpg and your token ID is: bWVyY2hhbnRkZXRhaWwtdGVzdC1nZi1nZXRmaW5hbmNpbmcuY29t , this would be your code:

<a target="_blank" href="">
    <img src="" />

Images for the checkout

These images are thought to be used before we show to the user the GetFinancing process. Usually it is shown together with other immediate methods such as credit card. They can also be used as a button.

Example of using an image on the checkout of a participant merchant:


SVG images (for any size)

You can use our svg images like any other image, and unlike other formats like png, these will look good in literally any size. All modern browser support this format, and they will keep the original colors. To make them bigger or smaller, just change its height.

Just like with the rest of the images, we suggest that you link these to your custom program page, which will help consumers understand how they have to use GetFinancing to pay less every month.

Available SVG images

Logo with a link to the landing page:

Logo without any messaging. Useful for the checkout or for places with very little space.

Logo with the checkout with messaging:

Sample code for svg images

<!-- Link these to the landing page describing our partnership -->
<a target="_blank" href="">
    <img height="80px" src="">

Webfonts (for any color & size)

Webfonts are icons that like svg images will look great on any size. The difference with svg images is that they will adapt more easily to your website, because they will inherit your current color schema.

Example using webfonts

This is an example of how a webfont is used on a participant merchant. Next to the other payment methods, on a different line, slightly bigger and with a link, but fitting nicely with the existing layout.


List of available webfonts

These are the different fonts you can use, in this case with our default color and a font-size of 40px (this is the height of the font, you just need to make sure the text is readable).

Sample code to use webfonts

Finally this is a sample code, where the button links to a landing page, we import the css for the webfont, and add an icon with a size of 40px of height.

<!-- Link these to the landing page describing our partnership -->
<a target="_blank"
    <!-- Add our webfonts as a stylesheet-->
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="">
    <!-- Add a span, with the class being the webfont you choose
    and the style you want (font-size, color, shadow) or remove it
    completely to inherit your current font style -->
    <span class="icon-monthly-payment-big" style="font-size:40px"> </span>